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Bob Cat
Mountain Lion
Canadian Goose
Strutting Grouse
Buffle head, Male
Female Mallard
Old Squaw, Male
Flying Mallard, Male
White Tail Deer Mount
European White Tail Dear Skull Pedestal Mount
European Bear Skull Pedestal Mount
Mountain Lion
Mounted Wood Duck
Maine White Tail Deer

5’x 5’ Mount.

Note: Very large, open mouth, left turn.


Upright dressed 750 lbs, 36’’ wide mid size rack.


Moose Sneak

800 lbs, 44’’ wide rack.

Note: This sneak mount is perfect for houses with lower ceilings.

Red Fox
Great Horned Owl

Note: With artist.
Piebald Deer
Whitetail Deer

Note: Bust on a pedestal, with artist.
Grey Fox

Note: On a pedestal.
Grizzly Bear

Note: With artist.
Whitetail fawn

Note: This fawn was accidentally killed by an automobile.
Four bears

Note: Each on a unique pedestal.
Barrows Goldeneye
Whitetail Deer

Note:  Standing next to a fence in a field.

Note: The artist and assistant, Scott Sanborn, are standing next to this work to help show just how large this piece is.
Maine Lobster

18 lbs, Approx. 30’’ claw to tail

Note: This piece was repaired & restored from a 20 year old, bleached white shell.
Wood Ducks
Snow Goose
Taxidermy Title

Please Note:

Gene has officially retired from Taxidermy. He will continue to sculpt and paint, but will no longer accept new Taxidermy clients.