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Welcome to the world of Gene Bahr's Wildlife Creations! It is our hope that you will gain some insight into the philosophy behind his art. While pictures don't do his work justice, we hope you enjoy the photo gallery of his art.

Welcome to Gene Bahr's "Wildlife Creations" Gallery

Gene began his career in 1976, as a fish taxidermist. He began fish carving in 1984 and is considered a master fish carver among his peers. Inspired by this relatively new art form, he has watched its popularity quickly growing among everyone from sportsmen to art connoisseurs. He eventually stopped his fish taxidermy practice in 2000 to focus more on "Catch and Release" fish carving. He is now 65 years old and has spent his life studying fish anatomy and color. He has an extensive collection of profiles, measurements and photographs of the hundreds of fish that have passed through his studio. This collection allows him to produce beautiful, accurate and long lasting reproductions that increase in value. Visit the Gallery to see a few of his many works of art. We have compiled a selection of images that are beautiful and also depict just some of Gene's scope of work. Whether your interest lies in his award winning woodcarvings, paintings, or other art, we have examples from his actual gallery.

Now you can catch and release the smallest or the biggest fish and still have a trophy that captures and preserves the memory of your catch! You too can own a beautiful and life-like woodcarving of any fish, past or present. Mounted on an oval wood panel, your fish carving will come complete with a brass plate displaying your name, date of catch and information about your fish.

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Atlantic Salmon Journal

Gene has been featured in the Winter 2014 edition of Atlantic Salmon Journal. Click the image above to read the article in it’s entirety.

Gene in his studio with a variety of freshly carved fishes. Left to right: 26'' Golden Dorado, 36'' Atlantic Salmon, 22’ Labrador Brookie (caught by Gene), 23'' Brown Trout, and a 20'' Bone Fish.

News & Updates


Gene has been featured on TV yet again! Check out his most recent 45 minute special in the Video Profiles section.



Just added a new mixed piece with 3 different Trouts on a back panel to the Wall Mount Gallery.



Just added a new 3 Brook Trout Piece to the Wall Mount Gallery.



Just added a new Salmon and Trout piece in the Wall Mount Gallery.



Just added a great looking Cusk in the Wall Mount Gallery. More of the 2019 carvings coming soon!



Just added a new Nash of Maine Brook Trout that Gene restored.


Just added a 2 fish piece to the Wall Mount Gallery. Please check it out!



Added 3 awesome carvings to the Wall Mount Gallery.



Added 2 more pieces Gene recently finished to the Restoration Gallery. Go check them out!



Just added 4 amazing new pieces Gene recently finished to the Restoration Gallery. Check them out today!



Just added an amazing landlocked Salmon with hand painted base to the Wall Mount Gallery.



Here is another one folks! Check our this lovely Montana Brown Trout in the Wall Mount Gallery.