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44 inch Bright Atlantic Salmon
7 lbs Landlocked Salmon, mounted on handmade Birch panel.
24 inch Brook Trout, mounted on Moose antler swimming over wooden rocks.
Left to right:
Bluegill, Black Crappie, Yellow perch and White Perch.
Four Brook Trout parr 8 to 12 inches.
46'' Atlantic Salmon on Walnut panel with hand painted lettering.
25" Humpback Labrador Brookie
38" Lake Trout carving on barn board.
A land locked Salmon on the top and Lake Trout below, chasing a colorful streamer attached to a large hand made birch panel.
15 inch Blue Back Trout
22'' Labrador Brook Trout
American Shad that Gene carved for the Graig Brook Museum in East Orland, Maine
44 '' Tiger Fish caught in south Africa.
Gene used 1/4 '' birch dowel to carve the teeth on this Tiger Fish
Atlantic Salmon
22 inch Arctic Char on Birch bark panel.
7 pound, 4 oz. Brook Trout caught at Moosehead Lake, Maine
38 Inch Lake Trout
After many years of sketching and refinement, Gene has come up with this quintessential Maine piece.
A 38 inch Atlantic Salmon half body carving.
A 5 pound, 9 oz Humpback Brookie from Moosehead Lake, ME.
An 18 inch Brook Trout on driftwood board.
A Rainbow, Brook Trout & Brown Trout on a hand made Birch panel with Walnut frame.
I had the pleasure of carving this Cusk for a gentleman to add to his collection.
3 Brook Trout hanging on hand made B
irch Bark panel.
19'' Palomino Trout
A pair of 17'' fish. A Brook Trout and a Landlocked Salmon. The fish are half body, giving the effect that the fish are one with the Birch Bark and White Pine frame. True Maine sporting art!
24'' Land Locked Salmon swimming over wooden rocks.
Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout hanging on handmade Birch panel.
26'' Labrador bBook Trout. Caught at 3 Rivers Lodge, rocks are carved from Basswood
24'' landlocked Salmon

(hand painted scene of Sebago lake with Mt. Washington in the background, under an acrylic bubble)
22'' Montana Brown Trout

(on A Walnut plaque)
33'' Atlantic Salmon half mount

(free standing base and plaque)
30" Chum Salmon
40'' King Salmon, Red Phase
48'' Northern Pike
Small Mouth Bass on Birch Bark Panel
Large Mouth Bass on driftwood
34'' Northern Pike

(on hand made Birch Bark panel)
54'' King Salmon

A half body carving done in the Ol' English tradition. This is a smoothie, half body which saved my client a considerable amount of money.
20'' Brook Trout

(hand made Birch Bark panel)
42'' Atlantic Salmon

(base and panel can be set on a mantel,
or hung on a wall)

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42'' Atlantic Salmon

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Crappie & Large Mouth Bass

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16'' Crappie

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20'' Large Mouth Bass

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28'' Landlocked Salmon caught during the winter
30'' Rainbow Trout swimming over wooden rocks
45 '' Atlantic Salmon caught in the Grand Cascapedia
4 1/2'' Rainbow Smelt
24'' Land Locked Salmon, hanging dead
on a rustic board
26'' New Zealand Brown Trout
45'' Stripped Bass
(Fiberglass Reproduction)
45'' Atlantic Salmon
30'' Rainbow Trout on Barn Board
20'' Brook Trout on Moose Antler
18'' Brook Trout
47'' Male Atlantic Salmon,
caught in the Grand Cascapedia River in
Quebec, Canada
42" Striped Bass
27'' Golden Dorado (Detailed)

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27'' Golden Dorado (Detailed)

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19’’ Brook Trout mounted on a solid Walnut panel, with a hand painted scene placed under an Acrylic Bubble.
22.5'' Labrador Brookie

Note: Caught by Gene Bahr
24'' Bonefish
36'' Male Atlantic Salmon in spawning colors. (Detailed)
20" Landlocked Salmon mounted on a solid Walnut panel, with a hand painted scene placed under an Acrylic Bubble.
Lake Trout on Walnut panel
24’’, 7 lbs Alaskan Rainbow, on a Walnut panel.
24" Arctic Char
14" Brook Trout Dark Phase
22" Brown Trout laying on sandbar.

Note: Rod and reel are shown to give scale to this beautiful piece
Smallmouth Bass, with acrylic painting and Birch Bark frame. (Detailed)
2 Brook Trout chasing a fly. Mounted on a Walnut panel.
Large Brooktrout on Birch
Bark panel.
Bone Fish mounted on a Walnut plaque.
Small Mouth Bass (Detailed)
10 lbs Large Mouth Bass mounted on hand painted scene with Birch Bark frame. (Detailed)
10 lbs Brown Trout lying in ferns, with an oval Walnut frame mounted behind an acrylic dome.
Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and Brown Trout, mounted on a Birch Bark panel with a Walnut frame.
A Brook Trout and Salmon mounted on a Birch plaque.
A Pickerel mounted on a weathered plank.
Atlantic Salmon (Detailed)

Note: This piece will be displayed at the Federal Fish and Wildlife, National Conservation Training Center.

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Atlantic Salmon (Detailed)

Note: This piece will be displayed at the Federal Fish and Wildlife, National Conservation Training Center

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Mako Shark (Detailed)

Shoulder mount fiberglass reproduction.

Note: Our largest fiberglass project to date.
Blue Gill, Black Crappie, Yellow Perch and White Perch on barn board.
40’’, 30 pound male Atlantic Salmon in spawning colors. (Detailed)

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40’’, 30 pound male Atlantic Salmon in spawning colors. (Detailed)

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6 lbs Largemouth Bass (Detailed)
47", 47 lb Atlantic Salmon (Detailed)

Note: Caught on the Alta River, Norway
27" Landlocked Salmon on a rustic board
27" New Zealand Brown Trout
10 lbs Humped Back Labrador Brookie
50" Atlantic Salmon. (Detailed)

Note: Caught in the Gaula River, Norway
45 '' Atlantic Salmon (Detailed)

Note: Male
38'' Northern Pike on barn board.
16'' Black Crappie with hand painted background scene. (Detailed)
Two Brook Trout Parr in a meadow
diorama under glass.

A real sporting classic

Wall Mount Fish Carvings

Wall Mount Title

Below you will find examples of both “Smoothie” and “Detailed” Wall Mount Fish Carvings created by Gene. Please visit the Pricing page to learn about the differences of these two carvings.